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Welcome to Cloudcroft, New Mexico!

Hello, fellow travelers! Last week we had the honor of exploring a new to us town in the heart of the Lincoln National Forest. Cloudcroft, NM is an adorably quaint town with small shops, fun restaurants and bars, and absolutely gorgeous hiking trails!

We especially enjoyed hiking the Osha trail, with it's mountaintop views and cooler temperatures. We loved that while we were climbing a pretty big mountain, we never felt like we were exerting ourselves too much because the incline was so gradual. We discovered lean tos, tiny forest animals and views that took our breath away!

For dinner we headed back into the town and ate at an overwhelmingly charming restaurant called Big Daddy's. From the nineties country music playing on the radio to the autographed photos on the walls, this diner felt like something out of a feel good movie.

The boys were most excited about the plethora of gem shops in the town. They have recently fallen in love with gems of all shapes and sizes and have to check out each shop we stumble upon in our travels.

All in all, we loved our afternoon in Cloudcroft. We've decided we simply MUST go back around the holidays, because this place has to look absolutely magical covered in snow. Until then, we will reminisce through our Youtube video, which you can check out below.

Stay safe out there, travelers. We hope you find some beauty in the world today.

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