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We made it to the north rim of the Grand Canyon!

Hello, fellow travelers! I'm not even sure where to start with this one, but we made it to the Grand Canyon! This was the kids' first time seeing it at all and our first time seeing the north rim. We tried to go in the winter but a lot of roads were closed then due to snow/ reduced visibility.

While I do have an intense fear of heights, I was able to push past it enough to fully take in this view. I mean, come on! Erosion and time make for such a gorgeous landscape, don't they?

While the park was quite crowded, the north rim did seem a lot less crowded than the south rim. And the people we met along the trails were so kind and pleasant to talk to. Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood, but I guess views like this are hard to beat! We absolutely adored our day here. We're already planning our next trip out. You can watch our full review on our Youtube channel, linked below.

Safe travels, friends! Have you visited both rims of the Grand Canyon? If so, let us know which side is your favorite!



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