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Let's spray paint some Cadillacs! A short trip to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

Hi, travelers! Or as they say in Texas, howdy! We finally got to visit Cadillac Ranch! While we have driven through Amarillo several times on our road trips, we never made the stop to see this man-made wonder until this summer!

Cadillac Ranch was formed in 1974 by a group of artists from San Francisco. They had a silent partner, Texas billionaire Stanley Marsh III. Ten Cadillacs are half buried in Stanley's field. Supposedly they are tilted at the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The big draw to this quirky roadside stop is the spray paint. Tons and tons of spraypaint. Since the seventies people have been pulling over to add their signature graffiti to these half buried vehicles. We had to grab a can and spray "Build An Adventure" onto one of the cars. We are forever marketing!

We highly recommend this stop. It's silly, it's free (although there is merch for sale in front of the field), and the whole family can get in on the fun. Just be careful with the wind. Trust us on this one.

You can check out our full video on Cadillac Ranch down below. Let us know your thoughts! Have you been here? Is it on your list? We want to hear all about it!

Happy travels, friends. Keep building that adventure.

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