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It's been a minute: Meetups, van trouble and what's next for Build An Adventure

Hello beautiful adventurers. Ben and Ang here. We felt the need to reintroduce ourselves because this website has taken a backseat to the rest of our projects. And there have been way too many projects. It's hard to believe that our last post was last fall! When we last sent out an update we had just returned from Disney's Fort Wilderness. Let's see if we can catch you up to speed from there.

First off, we've been doing a lot more hiking! We've enjoyed exploring new trails in Central Florida and beyond. Here's a video of one of our favorite new (to us) trails in Seminole County. Let us know what you think!

We've also enjoyed meeting up with other creatives! In December we met up with Toby from The Kilted Adventurer (find him on Youtube and Instagram) and in January we were so fortunate to attend a meetup hosted by our dear friends Red White and Bethune down in Dover, Florida! We'll link both of those videos below so you can join in on the fun!

And lastly, we've been having setback after setback with both our adventure van and our Trail Manor camper. Ben is a firetruck mechanic during the day, so if anyone can fix an adventure van it is him. But sometimes things need a lot more money and time than we have. So we are working on both as we can and trying to find adventures closer to home in the meantime.

Thank you so much for being here and for supporting the adventure! We appreciate every single one of you who leaves a kind comment, gives us a thumbs up, and watches our videos all the way through. It helps us grow!

Lastly, if you'd like to tangibly support the adventure, you can buy us a coffee using the link below. Any donations we get will go directly to building this brand through our upcoming travels. We love you and we are grateful you are here!

As we say at the end of every video, we're getting there.

Ben and Ang

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