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Hiking at the springs! Our top two recommendations for some free Florida fun!

Hello, fellow adventurers. We're back with some more Florida fun for you. Many of you know that we love to hike wherever we go. When out of town visitors ask for affordable adventures in the sunshine state, we love telling them about all of the gorgeous trails in the area. Gemini Springs and Green Springs are two of our favorite suggestions for anyone that wants to hike with a view!

Gemini Springs, located in Debary, Florida, is a short drive from Orlando. It features free admission, plenty of parking spots, a dog park, clean restrooms, gorgeous hiking trails, and of course, million dollar views of the beautiful water.

As a disclaimer, you cannot swim here. It's strictly prohibited, not because of the alligators but because of harmful bacteria. And yet we still recommend hiking here, because the views alone are worth the trip. We packed a backpack full of snacks (larabars , anyone?) and spent the morning hiking, site seeing, and photographing the gorgeous scenery. A beautiful, family friendly hike!

Not far from Gemini Springs, Green Springs park is a beautiful second stop. It also features free admission, beautiful views, and hiking trails all around the park. We had a picnic lunch there before venturing out on the trails. Green Springs is unique in that it features an emerald colored spring. Everything we've researched has said the water is green due to sulphur, and wow does it make for a beautiful view on a hike.

Swimming is prohibited here as well due to bacteria, but with the number of alligators we saw from land, we are one hundred percent okay with that rule. We definitely needed our bug spray and our sunscreen for this hike, but we are used to needing both of those helpers as Floridians.

We had a beautiful day exploring both of these parks. We are always looking for new nature trails, so we'd love your suggestions on where to hike next. Until next time, we wish you safe adventuring, amazing views, and everything that makes your soul happy. We're getting there, friends.

-Ben and Ang

*Disclaimer: As Amazon associates, we do make a small percentage from products purchased through our links above. Any money we may earn will go toward future adventures. We appreciate you!

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