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Camping At Disney! It's A Thing!

Right after the 2021 school year began, we surprised the kids with a night at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. Was it overpriced? Well, yes. But honestly not for Disney. And the ammenities were top notch, even during these uncertain times. I will preface by saying that as of August, Disney was requiring masks in all indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. While we are both vaccinated, we truly appreciated the extra precautions to keep us safe.

We booked a spot specifically for tents and pop up campers. I don't know that there's any difference in price if you have a bigger RV, but this site was more than enough for our little Trail Manor. As soon as we got settled, I noticed the gorgeous deer in the picture above. Any time I see a deer in nature I smile. They are just so majestic and sweet.

Dinner was a bit tricky. We knew we wanted to eat at one of Fort Wilderness's restaurants to get the full Disney experience. However with Covid still calling the shots in Florida, we either needed a reservation or a take out option. We decided on the latter. Honestly, the food was pretty good! Ben and the boys got the usual fries and chicken and sandwiches. I am a little harder to feed because I do not eat meat and try to avoid dairy as well. Veggie burger to the rescue! Honestly I do get a little tired of eating the same thing at every restaurant, but this one was quite tasty.

One of our favorite things about Fort Wilderness was the water slide! The kids must have gone down that slide 100 times that night. Ben and I would stand in the pool by the slide so we could cheer every time the kids came down at super speed. They fell asleep fast that night, worn out from all of the fun.

All in all, we had a lovely stay. My only complaint is that I wish we'd had a few more days to camp in this magical place. It was well worth the money and I think we successfully gave the kids some happy memories to hold on to. You can watch our full review on this campground by clicking the video below. As always, we're so happy you're following along on our journey and it means the world to us when you like, comment, and share our videos. Happy adventuring, friends!

*All thoughts, opinions, photos, and videos are our own unless specifically stated. Please do not use without permission.

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